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The Secret of Getting Good Grades at School

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In today’s show I talk about the secret to getting good grades at school. I give you some advice to make your years at school happier and more successful. Read the full transcript, questions, and answers here.


Most people think that to be successful at school, to get the best grades, you have to be smart. The truth is that being clever is just a very small part of what makes somebody successful at school. In fact, do you realise that some people are just too clever to be successful at school? Let me explain what I mean. If you are somebody who struggles at school because your teachers don’t like you, I have some advice for you.

Being at school is difficult for many people because all day long you areĀ controlledĀ and told what to do. In English schools you are told what to wear – you have to wear a uniform. In a lot of schools you are not allowed to speak unless you raise your hand first. You put your hand up. You can only speak if your teacher allows you to speak. Every moment of the school day you are controlled. For people with a lot of energy – people who like to move around and do different things all the time – school is very difficult. School is also difficult for people who are naturally independent. Independent people are happiest when they are able to make their own decisions.

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