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5 Opportunities to Use the Present Perfect Tense

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For many people, the present perfect tense is confusing. In this post I tell you 5 opportunities for you to use the present perfect in your speech. There are also example sentences to show how we use this tense. One way to try and get this tense active in your speech is to think up your own example sentences as you read the examples.


# 1 Talking about holidays in general

I have been to France.

She has been to Mexico.

Have you been to England?


# 2 Talking about activities / experiences that we did or didn’t do

I have been bungee jumping.

You haven’t eaten your salad.

I have done my homework.


# 3 Situation that changes over time. The situation is different now to how it was in the past

You have grown since I last saw you.

I have become more interested in communication.

Have the government raised taxes?


# 4 Accomplishments / achievements

I have passed my driving test.

Scientists have cured many diseases.

Humans have not been to Mars.


# 5 Situation / action that started in the past but is still not complete.

I have lost my keys.

Tom’s car has broken down.

We have been invited to Sarah’s wedding.


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